With a deep commitment to our company values, Tech Data employees share a winning spirit that drives our growth—as individuals and as an organization. We work hard to accomplish our goals, striving to do it better, faster, and more efficiently every day.

In a place where integrity and respect, teamwork, partnership, a passion for winning, and pride of ownership comprise the daily work experience, the rewards are abundant. Being a part of a success story is fulfilling in its own right, but we believe that it's equally important to celebrate that success by recognizing those who work hard to make it happen.

Since our founding in 1974, employees have been recognized both formally and informally for their contributions. In addition to our various departmental awards, we've created additional programs to further recognize the exemplary performance of our team members who exhibit Tech Data's shared values.

The overall message is clear. Our employees write our success stories, and they are stories we are proud to share.